KDATKiln Dried After Treatment
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After initial KD and KDAT, the lumber was measured for MC and warp.
With respect to crook, restraint dried lumber was straighter than non-restrained control lumber, after both initial KD and KDAT. This difference was statistically significant, p-value = 0.0001.
Grade mix distributions as measured after initial KD, after planing (as graded at the mill), and after KDAT are provided (Table 2).
For the KD and KDAT lumber, the restraint system reduced average crook by approximately 59 and 64 percent, respectively.
Immediately after KD, after planing, and following KDAT, the restraint-dried lumber yielded 14, 2, and 11 percent more No.
Future directions for this research program include: restraint drying of 5/4 by 6-inch decking material intended for preservative treatment, restraint KDAT for the same, and further development of a commercially viable prototype restraint system.
Lumber By July 2000, there will be sufficient production Technology of kiln-dried after treatment (KDAT) lumber to satisfy any increase in demand for new residen- tial housing, repairs, and remodeling in the Greater New Orleans area.
1) southern pine-- KDAT with waterborne salt treatment of at least 0.40 lb per cu ft for decking.