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KDLKentuckiana Digital Library (information resource)
KDLKent District Library (Michigan)
KDLKey Decision Log (use in FEED studies)
KDLKissimmee Diagnostic Laboratory (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)
KDLKD Lang (musician)
KDLKeystone Dedicated Logistics (Carnegie, PA)
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KDL system has a workforce of over two hundred and fifty (250) staff responsible for the day to day functions of the library.
We are pleased to have represented KDL Realty and to have successfully completed this transaction on their behalf," commented Andrew Somple.
In addition, the Company is required to make four payments to KDL to secure its rights under the Agreement in the sum of U.
Both KDL and Norlight are based in Evansville, Ind.
Ekpenyong (2003) reports that KDL serves a student population of about 20,000 (full and part time) and an academic community of 5,800 staff (teaching and non-teaching).
They are medical device manufacturer KDL at Gateshead's International Business Centre and the Oriental Dragon Company, making bean curd for the catering industry in Blaydon.
Zayo Bandwidth, Costreet, KDL (Windstream), TW Telecom
Prior to closing, Q-Comm will divest certain assets to its shareholders, so that the remaining businesses acquired by Windstream will consist of KDL and Norlight.
Twenty questionnaires were received from KDL, seven from Poly library, three from CRIN, four from NISER, and six from IITA.
Top names include Golden Eye Technology, Shanghai KDL medical services and ASL life sciences.
STOCKHOLM -- Transmode, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that US network operator Kentucky Data Link, KDL, has successfully deployed Transmode's WDM solutions throughout its network to increase capacity, flexibility and competitiveness in support of its increasing customer demand.