KDNGKachin Development Networking Group (Kachin State, Burma)
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Kevin Kading, President and CEO and KDNG, during the past eight years, has searched for and acquired three technologies: Syringex Medical's retractable needle safety syringe; Advanced Reconnaissance's reconnaissance and surveillance systems; and United Aerospace's NASA-developed coupler system.
Unlike a Business Development Company or Investment Company, KDNG differs because KDNG management takes a very active roll in the development of the technology and the new company.
KDNG expects to continue to update the investment community on its activities and the activities of its portfolio companies during the coming weeks and months.
Kevin Kading, president of KDNG, stated that "All of our activities at KDNG are of extreme risk in nature, however when one analyzes the risk/reward ratios, individuals with the capacity to assume extreme risk in long term oriented investments have the potential to participate, via KDNG, in several development stage technology companies that KDNG believes, when properly funded have the ability to create significant shareholder value within KDNG.
KDNG is presently in discussions to acquire up to 65% of Global Stock Exchange Corp.
KDNG"), a holding company, primarily expedites mergers and acquisitions with public and private companies by offering consultation services and KDNG seeks acquisitions for its own portfolio of private companies.