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Mustapha Hijri, the secretary general of the KDPI, came to Washington, DC in May 2011 to promote the agenda of the Congress of Nationalities, and met with me for several hours at my house.
The new KDPI assert-iveness "is largely due to internal Kurdish dynamics.
Pejak takes its cue from Ocalan and is mistrusted as a monolith by both the KDPI and Komala, a smaller leftist party.
Estimated Post-transplant Survival (EPTS) Under the proposed policy, KDPI and EPTS would be combined so that the 20 percent of kidney offers with the longest estimated function determined by the KDPI would first be considered for the 20 percent of candidates estimated by the EPTS to have the longest time to benefit from a transplant.
In April 2004, they asserted that the KDPI have guerillas but that they no longer undertake military action, and are organizing politically within Iranian Kurdistan.
While about 15,000 former KDPI cadres took exile in Germany, England and some Nordic countries, the majority fled to Iraqi Kurdistan, where they remain in refugee camps or as clandestine activists.
Saddam Hussein's regime provided arms to the KDPI in 1981 as part of its efforts to destabilize Iran and deny Iranian forces key terrain.
But the KDPI issued an announcement reporting the first of the five clashes and claiming to have killed a dozen Pasdaran, including a colonel.
Slowly a new Kurdish group, Pejak, extended an armed campaign launched in 2004, stepping into a void left by the KDPI which abandoned its "armed presence" in the 1990s under pressure from the PUK, so as not to provoke Iranian attacks into northern Iraq.
The KDPI demands that the DPK change its name before a possible merger because the former is the bearer of the tradition of the short-lived Kurdish Republic that was founded in 1945 in Mahabad in Azerbaijan.
KDPI would replace the existing policy definitions of "standard criteria" and "expanded criteria" donors.