KDRIKazusa DNA Research Institute (Japan)
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These data were used to calculate the individual KDRI values, as well as to identify other factors related to transplant outcome.
KDRI values were calculated using the method of computation developed and used for United States deceased donor kidneys, which is the one applicable to Puerto Rican donors, also, as part of the nationwide organ-sharing network (1).
The mean KDRI value for the Puerto Rican donors was found to be 1.19, in a 1-peak distribution curve (Fig.
This small, retrospective, single-center study highlights how distinct Puerto Rican characteristics affect the distribution of KDRI values in comparison to that distribution in the United States population.
Figure 3 highlights the main differences in the KDRI distributions between these 2 populations: the percentage of Puerto Rican donors having KDRIs under 1 is 46.5%, while the percentage of United States donors with similar (low) KDRIs is only 21%.
The mean KDRI value for the Puerto Rican population was found to be 1.19, which is considerably higher than the median of the United States donors (KDRI value of 1).
Kayler, "Outcomes of adult dual kidney transplants by KDRI in the United States," American Journal of Transplantation, vol.
[28] of technique or Transplantation immunosuppressive /2013 medications used/selection criteria: DKT was done in KDRI score 1.4, 1.41-1.8, 1.8-2.2 and greater than 2.
Specifically, MediBIC has launched a project for developing agents using KDRI's achievements in gene research of mammals.