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KDSKorea Data Systems (monitor manufacturer)
KDSKristen Demokratisk Samling
KDSKongsberg Defence Systems (Norway)
KDSKeyboard Display Station
KDSKarate Dance Style
KDSKnowledge Discovery and Similarity (workshop)
KDSKuwaiti Dental Society (www.kwtdent.org)
KDSKaru Development Strategy (Nigeria)
KDSKodak Dental Systems (Carestream Dental LLC)
KDSKindred Daughters of Sages (sorority)
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Less hardware equals less cost, commonly used KDS systems require a flat panel display and a bump station.
Vintage sunglasses; quilted bags with local material such as thick coarse hemp by Amina Safawat; Sevinch accessories made from tassel and satin; art work by the youngest Sabit sister, Dalia; and local brands like Shibshibi and Hebz by Heba El Awadi also sell through KDS.
First American s patented KDS Kinetic Disintegration System generates a clean dry powder from waste biomass for domestic and industrial burners, creating heat for electrical power.
We're extremely excited about Adrienne joining the KDS leadership team," says KDS CEO Alvin Crawford.
Neo, "this award goes hand in hand with FASC's recent submission to obtain approval of Malaysian Patent Application No PI 20042831 " the recovery of fuel from biomass" using the KDS equipment to process palm waste locally known as EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) With the tax free status approved and the patent pending in place, we are now ready to fulfill the orders we have on the books and have commenced fabrication of KDS Model MFEeAa777s units to meet our customers delivery schedule this fall.
This will be the third KDS system to be installed in Korea, and the first of several for this application.
But today, KDS developed SMD TCXO that are even smaller and higher in function -- the DSA221SA (VC-TCXO)/DSB221SA (TCXO).
FASC) is pleased to announce that we have received an order to deliver the first of 4 KDS systems to Baltica Invest AS of Norway which will be used to a dryer/grinder of sea-bed algae found in remote regions of Northern Europe.
The KDS "Kinetic Disintegration System" creates a clean dry powder from all forms of waste biomass in an efficient, cost effective manner without the use of any supplemental fuel.
Similar to the Chili's configuration, On the Border relies on the ePic KDS to coordinate and streamline operations by routing items and orders to the appropriate kitchen stations using cook times so that all items within an order complete simultaneously.
The container traffic in KDS is increasing and they must gear themselves to handle the increased volume of traffic.
Processing methods beyond the existing KDS grinder/dryer are also being analyzed to insure that the product demands of buyers can be made readily available.