KDSSKinetic Dynamic Suspension System (cars)
KDSSKincardine District Secondary School (Canada)
KDSSKuwait Dental Student Society
KDSSKurtzke's Disability Status Scale
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Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and oral administration of aspirin were given in all KDSS patients, and re-treatment with IVIG was done in five patients who presented with IVIG resistance.
KDSS is considered a rare disease around the world, yet in the recent years, more interests have focused on the early diagnosis of KDSS.
In the current case, the KDSS was diagnosed at 11 years of age to non-consanguineous parents.
The pathogenesis of the pseudo hypertrophy in KDSS is not well understood.
Caregivers and stroke survivors showed moderate KDSS overall scores.
Stroke survivors who had received and read written materials given to them (n = 10) had higher scores on the KDSS (M = 15.
The KDSS used a stratified systematic sampling design to select 100 communities (villages and census blocks) from a sampling frame constructed for the 2000 census.
In total, 195 respondents, aged 15-24 years, used condoms during 1 July 2003-30 June 2004, during the survey in the KDSS site.
The LandCruiser is the second Toyota sport utility vehicle to feature the KDSS suspension.
Among the 11,909 households interviewed by the KDSS in 2004, 12 percent reported non-Thai ethnicity; 8 percent of households were headed by non-Thais born outside of Thailand (first generation migrants); and 5 percent were headed by non-Thais born in Thailand (second or third generation migrants).