KDTKeyboard Data Terminal
KDTKirk Douglas Theatre (Culver City, CA)
KDTKey Definition Table
KDTKnowledge Discovery in Text (data/text mining)
KDTKeyboard Display Terminal
KDTKuru Development Trust (Botswana)
KDTKeyboard Definition Table
KDTKneel-Down Transporter
KDTKnowledge-Dependent Transaction
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The BIR filed the complaints in a bid to collect deficiency income and business taxes ranging from P5 million to P141 million of Fjord and P210 million of KDT Cargo Logistics incurred in 2014 and prior years.
KDT convenor Karen Ross said: "Without the considerable personal commitment of eight directors and several other key volunteers we could not have achieved this key stage of success.
As part of the financing, KDT joins existing INSIGHTEC investors including Elbit Imaging, York Capital, Exigent Capital Group, GE Healthcare, GEOC as well as Meditech Advisors.
There were no consistent differences in KDT values between males and females and both sexes of all three strains gave 24-hour mortalities of 100% (Tables 1 and 2).
La MT o tambien conocida como: Analisis Inteligente de Textos, Mineria de Datos Textuales, y mas comunmente como Descubrimiento de Conocimiento en Textos (KDT, por sus siglas en ingles) (Ramanathan & Meyyappan, 2013).
Les revenus de la societe d'Articles Hygieniques SAH ' s'elevent au 30 juin 2014 a 103,963 KDT contre 96,247 KDT au 30 juin 2013, soit un taux d'augmentation de 8%, representant ainsi 48% de l'objectif prevu au niveau du business plan 2013‐2017 (215,738 KDT), ont indique les derniers chiffres de la societe.
Knockdown times (KDT) were determined by monitoring the number of knockdown mosquitoes at every 10 min interval.
(1.) Freitas WMF, Silva ATMC, Coelho EAC, Guedes RN, Lucena KDT Costa APT Paternidade: responsabilidade social do homem no papel de provedor.
* Pode-se entao definir Descoberta de Conhecimento em Textos (KDT) ou Text Mining como sendo o processo de extrair padroes ou conhecimento, interessantes e nao triviais, a partir de documentos textuais.
One of the smallest and oldest hand-rolled Cuban brands, Fonseca KDT Cadet catches your attention with its unusual but attractive rice-paper packaging.