KEALKaradeniz Eregili Anadolu Lisesi (Turkish)
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Newcastle Thunder try scorer Keal Carlile Paul Clayton
The court was told that police were speaking to another person when Keal came forward and refused to stand back when told by police.
In a Facebook post Hyndburn Police said: "It is day 3 of #Op Moorhen and we are trying to trace Yasmin Keal, from Accrington, wanted for damaging a vehicle during a domestic incident.
The acquisition of Keal Technology is expected to close by the end of March 2016.
Eagles coach Mark Aston said: "Keal has has good pedigree.
Speaking on his time here, he said: "I am staying at posh hotels and shopping for sporting equipment and I love it," said Keal.
Mr Keal, aged 28, an agency worker from Boston, in Lincolnshire, suffered severe tissue damage and needed physiotherapy for 18 months after the accident at a site near Boston in October 2008.
CRACKDOWN: The Reverend Barry Keal and his wife Sue outside the Everest
1960) and peritoneal (Keal 1960), were first described in 1960.