KEAPKernow Education Arts Partnership (Cornwall, UK)
KEAPKentucky Employee Assistance Program (Frankfort, KY)
KEAPKingston Entitlement Access Program (Canada)
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The decision came about two months after a company official told the finance committee that KEAP had to rethink where the structure would go after soil samples taken at the original site showed it couldn't support the building and its infrastructure.
And now members of KEAP, which takes its name from the initials of its founder members, have captured on canvas their individual experiences of being part of the group and the work it does.
In particular, the cross-regulations among NRF2, KEAP I, and NRF 1 under oxidative stress conditions have not been fully investigated.
Today the Kmer Buddhist Educational Assistance Program, (KEAP) is actively trying to re-establish the ancient teachings through the importation of videos, radio programs and guest speakers from abroad.
Table 1 Xenobiotic receptors and conditional transcription factors in Nematostella genome Gene Gene name Nematostella Human gene ID E value Family homolog bHLH-PAS AHR SB_50387 gi|4502003 e-33 ARNT SB_15721 gi|2702319 e-35 Hif-1[alpha] SB_27525 gi|4504385 e-32 CNC-bZIP & Cnc/NEF2 SB_56664 gi|5453774 e-7 related Keap SB_8385 gi|32425813 e-53 Maf SB_34218 gi|3068761 e-14 SB_16005 e-12 Nuclear Hnf(4) SB_4250 gi|31077207 e-34 receptors Rxr SB_14472 gi|5902068 e-58 Metal & Mtf SB_8762 1127901963 e-65 heat response Hsf SB_766 gi|5031767 e-45 SB_49214 e-34 Predicted Nematostella proteins also exhibit strong matches to the metal-responsive transcription factor (MTF1) and the heat-shock factor HSF1.
Waterloo were now back on control and a break by Jason Duffy supported by Scott Young brought a try for the centre but with Jon Nugent off with a yellow card Manchester came back in the closing minutes with a try from Jonaton Keap.
The collaborative looked to Maine's legislation and PaS program as models for their legislation, and decided to design their own version of PaS: the Kentucky Education Assistance for Parents program (KEAP).
The other Beth Elohim, known also as the Keap Street Synagogue, was founded in 1848 and merged with Temple Israel to form the Union Temple in 1925.(20)
That is to say, just as `Apollonius connects the disputed Homeric hapax [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], `morning twilight', with Lycia and derives [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] from KEAP', so another etymologizing poet may have found in [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] an allusion to the many uses of [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and its cognates of sacrifice.(30) As O'Hara and others note, Hellenistic poets enjoyed glossing and etymologizing disputed Homeric words, and [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] was disputed.
* A $3,750,000 first-lien mortgage for the construction of a 14-unit, mixed-use property on Keap Street in Brooklyn, NY.
demonstrated that PA reversed heat stress-stimulated Keap 1 and HO-1 mRNA expressions promotion in cultured IEC-6 (rat intestinal epithelial cell), and the modulatory effects of PA on injured cell by oxidative stress were superior to that of glutamine [65].
Updated research and applications of small molecule inhibitors of Keap 1-Nrf2 protein-protein interaction: a review.