KEBSKenya Bureau of Standards
KEBSKyes Engineering Bryan Land Surveying (Haslett, Michigan)
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His grasp of mandarin is highly valued at KEBS where Chinese delegations make frequent visits.
Whenever Chinese investors visit KEBS to request information on issues like certification, I am the one tasked with translation.
Here at KEBS, we have established joint research programs with Chinese academic institutions.
Characteristics of reference radiation qualities Reference Radiation Generating tube potential (kV) NIST KEBS Half-value layer (mm Cu) NS80 80 0.
The exact beam geometry was not prescribed in the protocol so that the KEBS could use the appropriate geometry depending on the field size and field uniformities available and the conditions that best represents routine calibrations at their facility.
The KEBS was requested to provide the calibration coefficients for the transfer chambers in terms of air kerma per charge in units of Gy/C and refer to standard conditions of air temperature at 295.
The details of the KEBS standard can be found in Ref.
They should demand for the 'diamond mark' of quality which indicates that the product has been certified by KEBS as safe and of the right quality.
Only those played by research and training institutions and KEBS are discussed in this section.
The KEBS board of directors, the National Standards Council, is its policy-making body for supervising and controlling the administration and financial management [48].
As the Codex Contact Point, KEBS acts as a link between Codex Secretariat and Kenya.
The MD at KEBS - Charles Ongwae has revealed that the standards agency has lifted its market surveillance operations to ensure customer trust across all parts ranging from the production to the market outlets for the building and construction industry.