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KEDKirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst (German: Churches' Development Service)
KEDKayne Anderson Energy
KEDKendrick Extrication Device
KEDKatholische Elternschaft Deutschlands (German)
KEDKnock 'em Dead
KEDKids Escaping Drugs
KEDHellenic Public Real Estate Corporation (Greek acronym)
KEDKorea Economic Daily (newspaper)
KEDKinetic Electronic Designs (Pinelands, South Africa)
KEDKindergarten Extended Day
KEDKinetic Energy Distribution
KEDK-Edge Densitometer
KEDKorea Enterprise Data Co., Ltd (Seoul, Korea)
KEDKill Enhancement Device
KEDKnife-Edge Diffraction (electromagnetic wave propagation)
KEDKeyless Entry Device
KEDKaedi, Mauritania Airport
KEDKel-Ex Development Ltd
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Further we will try to demonstrate that the observation data of SNIa luminosity curves can be well explained by replacing the contributions of the dark energy and the dark matter in model universes by the KED model universe, studied by us earlier (Sapar, 1964, 2013).
where k is the integration constant treated as the space curvature index, and [KAPPA] is the KED integral contribution corresponding to n = 2 in the model universes (Sapar, 1964).
El valor de diferenciacion que tiene KED en el mercado es su metodologia y sus servicios de excelencia.
Desafortunadamente, los individuos piensan que todos los centros de entrenamiento son iguales y no es hasta que obtienen la experiencia de KED que se convencen de la diferencia.
cervi should be limited by colder temperatures and shorter growth season that would most affect off-host life stages, because it is the pupae on the ground and recently emerged young winged adults, not adult keds on moose, that are exposed to changing and potentially adverse northern environmental conditions (Harkonen et al.
2009) and are considered the main host for deer keds (Kaitala et al.
In central Europe deer keds also use red deer (Cervus elaphus), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), and fallow deer (Dama dama) as hosts (Haarlov 1964).
Upon finding a suitable host, adult keds shed their wings and commence to suck blood recurrently (Haarlov 1964).
In the boreal areas of Finland, adult deer keds emerge synchronously and seek hosts from late summer to the end of autumn (Hackman 1977).
Controlled experimental infections demonstrated that deer keds can lower the physical condition of semi-domesticated reindeer and cause short-term histological, physiological, and behavioral changes (S.
Bird keds are so flat that they are able to slide amongst the feathers without causing so much as a ripple, sharp hooks on the feet prevent the ked from becoming dislodged whilst the bird is in flight.
Keds carry a sophisticated heat- seeking device which enables the insect to lock-on to the body heat of a bird in just the same was as the Exocet, Sidewinder and Scud missiles made famous by the Falklands conflict,locked on to the heat sources of jet aircraft.