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KEDSKansas Event Data System
KEDSKnowledge Express Data Systems (Telescan, Inc.)
KEDSKids' Eating Disorder Survey
KEDSKirkland Event Destination Services (Florida)
KEDSKindergarten Extended Day Session (Milton, MA)
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Moody, known on the court as 'Little Miss Poker Face,' went on to collect 19 of those titles wearing a pair of white Keds.
Brand endorser Taylor Swift in the Chillax sneakers by Keds
2009) suggested that increase in moose densities in Finland has been the main reason why deer keds have been able to expand their range and increase in numbers.
Keds carry a sophisticated heat- seeking device which enables the insect to lock-on to the body heat of a bird in just the same was as the Exocet, Sidewinder and Scud missiles made famous by the Falklands conflict,locked on to the heat sources of jet aircraft.
All-over prints of Minnie's silhouette are done in Keds signature canvas styles, including Champion, a tailored lace-up; Champion Triple, a lace-up style with a platform for added height; and Triple Decker, the Champion Triple's sister but in slip-on form.
A fun line-up comes in the Keds Flag Collection that features the Champion silhouette printed with the country flags of national teams like England, Spain, and Brazil, perfect for girls to get into the football spirit and cheer for their favorite team in style.
In central Europe deer keds also use red deer (Cervus elaphus), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), and fallow deer (Dama dama) as hosts (Haarlov 1964).
Sneaking back: From the everything-old-is-new department: Once synonymous with sneakers, Keds is making a comeback with a new, improved version of Keds' old standard-issue canvas sneaks.
Since 2013, Taylor's partnership with Keds has resulted in collection after collection of cute sneakers.
We have studied the invasion, behavior, and ecology of this parasitic fly, and in this paper briefly review the effect of climate on the distribution of deer keds and our recent findings from host-choice experiments.