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KEEKeesler AFB (Biloxi, MS)
KEEKnowledge Engineering Environment
KEEKansas Equipment Exchange
KEEKnowledge Era Enterprises (US and Germany)
KEEKnowledge Extraction Engine
KEEKokusai Electric Europe GmbH
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Combining Topcon and KEE and leveraging Topcon-Sauer Danfoss (TSD), our joint venture company, which provides approximately 70 percent of the worldwide steering hydraulics for tractors, should allow us to easily achieve our minimum target of 40 percent market share," he said.
He will also be instrumental in helping KEE Action Sports execute its strategy going forward.
It was an easy choice actually," said Louie Spicer, chief technology officer of KEE Action Sports.
His article on Weldon Kees is reprinted from the San Francisco Examiner, August 9, 1987.
But, of course, there is a witness here, however dark, and Kees ends at the water, on a beach of detritus--"spongy two-by-fours .
Kees was forty-one when he left his car on the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge.
As its chairman, Kees van der Waaij is responsible for such areas as financial reporting, the human resources policy of Unilever in the Netherlands, corporate communication and the representation of Unilever in the Netherlands.
As director of programs and outreach, Kees will be responsible for designing and implementing the ABTA's education programs; growing programs that are delivered by staff and ABTA CommYOUnity(TM) volunteers; and building relationships with allied health professionals at the local level.
She said : "The KEES Project is using a fact-based approach to readiness to minimize risk to Kansans.
Shareholders took notice of the fact that Kees Storm has completed his third and final term.
ground holding jewelry I would love to touch, but Kees and the Navajo
Philip Colloby and partner Kees Van Der Merwe set up the Amsterdam Bar in Queen Street South.