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KEEKewanee (Amtrak station code; Kewanee, IL)
KEEKeesler AFB (Biloxi, MS)
KEEKnowledge Engineering Environment
KEEKansas Equipment Exchange
KEEKnowledge Era Enterprises (US and Germany)
KEEKnowledge Extraction Engine
KEEKokusai Electric Europe GmbH
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He will also be instrumental in helping KEE Action Sports execute its strategy going forward.
It was an easy choice actually," said Louie Spicer, chief technology officer of KEE Action Sports.
Combining Topcon and KEE and leveraging Topcon-Sauer Danfoss (TSD), our joint venture company, which provides approximately 70 percent of the worldwide steering hydraulics for tractors, should allow us to easily achieve our minimum target of 40 percent market share," he said.
Kees is currently employed as the Director of Global Ethics and Compliance at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc in Bentonville.
At first they told me 'you have a good voice but it is a pity you cannot sing'," Kees said.
Under the leadership of the 19th ESC and Eighth Army, the request was sent to Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), to reconfigure KEES authorizations using the out-of-cycle modified table of organization and equipment (MTOE) process.
It was clear that to accomplish our objectives, it would require someone with knowledge of and experience with the full range of Rosco products and Kees Frijters is that person.
light in the bay Kees wanted to touch before he left.
Honoring the mystery surrounding Kees's fate, Rooney gives us an extremely insightful collection of poems that seem to mirror what Kees experienced -- the poems are sometimes banal, sometimes haunting, often infused with a dry sense of humor, and almost always full of language that pinpoints a particular form of dread felt by a sensitive man who saw as already present what others thought of as the potential pitfalls of the future.
He told of his love for Kees and said: "In 1966 I went into a bar in Rotterdam in the last hours of my holiday and met Kees.
Fernando will work with Jan Kees to successfully operate and further develop the ED&F global coffee business.
The court noted that cases, which were cited by the Kees were distinguishable from the case at bar because they contained proposals for settlement, which were ambiguous.