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While the 27-year-old was wearing a white 'bride to be' T-shirt, with her nickname 'Keegs' on the back, her friends were all in fuchsia t-shirts emblazoned with the words 'Shell's Girls' across their chest.
Thus, a high multifractal context (aperiodic) appears to be a "genomic attractor" for many genes (KOGs, KEEGs), Figure 6 (E) and some gene families, Figure 6 (F) are involved in genetic and deterministic processes, in order to maintain a deterministic regulation control in the genome, although most of HG sequences may be subject to a complex epigenetic control.
KEEGAN (GNR) PAUL Twenty years today (Paul, twenty years ago we lost you but all the happy memories live on through our family, your army mates and officers alike, the Paul Keegan tug of war Trophy if fought for every year and we are sure some young soldier will ask who was Gunner Paul Keegan and one of the older ones will say Keegs he was a soldiers soldier.
Love you lots and lots from your little princess Ava xxxx JOHN KEEGAN COVENTRY Dad, Thanks for all you have done for me, love always, Mini Keegs xxxx MICK LAKIN WYKEN Happy Father's Day to a Special DAD, lots of love Leanne, Leah & Lee xxx TONY LAMB COURTHOUSE GREEN Happy Father's Day to a fantastic stepdad from john Rachael Cheryl GAVIN LATHAM COVENTRY My Stepdad I'm so grateful for you and mum sticking by me through the hard times.
"We call her Keegs for short and Colin is going to start taking her to football matches when she is two."
A New Yorker named Kelly Keegs (if she isn't a news anchor on the Fox network, she really should be with a name like that) 'Live tweeted' a situation on a plane she was on.
Keegs thought it was important or entertaining enough to do this.
It is shaming others for g INTRUSION Keegs' tweet cheap entertainment, putting down and ridiculing someone you've never met because hey, you're great.
"Mark has told pals he's considering moving up North to be closer to 'Keegs'."
KEVIN KEEGAN: 'Keegs' is a flying machine, his pace would scare any full back.