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KEEPKidney Early Evaluation Program (National Kidney Foundation)
KEEPKentucky Equine Education Project (Lexington, KY)
KEEPK-12 Energy Education Program (Stevens Point, WI)
KEEPKathmandu Environmental Education Project
KEEPKiyosato Educational Experiment Project
KEEPKorea Exposure and Education Program
KEEPKern Environmental Education Program
KEEPKodály Educators of Eastern Pennsylvania
KEEPKeep Enlisted Experience Program (USAF)
KEEPKentucky Ecumenical Empowerment Project
KEEPKids Educational Empowerment Program (Madison Square Boys & Girls Club)
KEEPKern Environmental Education Foundation
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On the train it was very difficult to get milk for the babies and to keep their bottles clean.
"We'll keep mum, but there ain't any need to tell who you are if you ain't Jubiter Dunlap."
This would make his position more secure and durable, as it has made that of the Turk in Greece, who, notwithstanding all the other measures taken by him for holding that state, if he had not settled there, would not have been able to keep it.
"What's the use--when you will go back?" he broke out, a great hopeless HOW ON EARTH CAN I KEEP YOU?
The Captain of the ship was not afraid, because he had seen storms before, and had sailed his ship through them in safety; but he knew that his passengers would be in danger if they tried to stay on deck, so he put them all into the cabin and told them to stay there until after the storm was over, and to keep brave hearts and not be scared, and all would be well with them.
For her I with my own hands left a packet at the prison, on my way here, with a letter of instructions, "FOR HIS SAKE"--she will do anything for his sake--to keep it without breaking the seal, in case of its being reclaimed before the hour of shutting up to-night--if it should not be reclaimed before the ringing of the prison bell, to give it to him; and it encloses a second copy for herself, which he must give to her.
Hope and keep busy, and whatever happens, remember that you never can be fatherless."
"Well, let's all make a few, just for the fun of it, and see if we can keep them," I said.
"When they got to us, and Buffalo Bill saw the child lying there so white, he said, 'My God!' and the sound of his voice brought her to herself, and she gave a little cry of pleasure and struggled to get up, but couldn't, and the soldiers gathered her up like the tenderest women, and their eyes were wet and they were not ashamed, when they saw her arm dangling; and so were Buffalo Bill's, and when they laid her in his arms he said, 'My darling, how does this come?' and she said, 'We came to save you, but I was tired, and couldn't keep awake, and fell off and hurt myself, and couldn't get on again.' 'You came to save me, you dear little rat?
Felling timber must be punished as severely as possible, but he could not exact forfeits for cattle being driven onto his fields; and though it annoyed the keeper and made the peasants not afraid to graze their cattle on his land, he could not keep their cattle as a punishment.
It is considered best to keep his expectations "on a string" until your stay in concluded.
On these occasions, in summer as in winter, a blazing fire was kindled for some days previously in the large grate, and the charcoal was lighted in the tripod-pan, to keep the Banqueting-Hall as warm as circumstances would admit.