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Keesee had faced six charges of second-degree sexual abuse involving two students.
Dessa forma, acredita-se que a reacao por parte do marido da paciente contribuiu fortemente no processo de ajustamento, coincidindo com as pesquisas de Keesee, Currier e Neimeyer (2008).
Weaver's writing has an engaging with an even flow that moves quickly through principles he has adapted from David Ramsey on debt free living, from Joseph on kingdom living, and from Gary and Drenda Keesee and the Faith Line Church on the abundance of God's grace.
The six suites at the recently renovated Victorian display owner Christian Keesee's collection of original art, like the black-and-white photographs from Vancouver, B.C., artist Liz Magor.
In an unpublished study, Squires, Moore, and Keesee tested the availability of 400 citations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNCCH) Health Sciences Library, assembled from course reserve reading lists, articles written or cited by UNCCH affiliates, and "articles cited within the clinical queries published as the Family Practice Information Network (FPIN)." They reported an overall electronic availability rate of 78% [6].
Mallory McCartney, Cory Keesee, Leah Fletcher, Shawn Stover
The last decade has seen an increase in studies exploring the factors that facilitate coping with the death of a loved one (Keesee, Currier, & Neimeyer, 2008) and studies about the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions for bereaved people (Currier, Neimeyer, & Berman, 2008); however, there remains little consensus regarding the process of "change" that bereaved people experience.
Optimal site orientation, enhanced glazing, and other advanced equipment, lighting, and appliances (e.g., those found in Keesee, 2010; Parker, 2010) were not investigated in this study, but would provide greater energy reductions and could further reduce the PV capacity requirements in each location.
Stressing the grassroots nature of league functions, Debie Keesee, chairman of the Washington League and president/CEO of Spokane Media FCU, said, "It's important to note that this proposal will not change either associations' priorities or core values in all aspects of the credit union environment.
Conversely, an ongoing attempt to search for meaning in the loss and a chronic inability to make sense of it is associated with intense and protracted grieving among such groups as bereaved young adults (Holland, Currier & Neimeyer, 2006), parents who have lost children (Keesee, Currier & Neimeyer, 2008), and older widows and widowers (Bonanno et al., 2004; Coleman & Neimeyer, in press).