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KEGAKansas Economic Growth Act
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With her were three warriors-- Mbonga, the chief, Rabba Kega, the village witch-doctor, and Ibeto, Tibo's father.
Now Mbonga and Rabba Kega might not take much stock in their own magic, and they might even be skeptical as to the magic of another; but there was always a chance of SOMETHING being in it, especially if it were not their own.
Rabba Kega, seeing that he had the attention of Mbonga, Ibeto, and Momaya, blew suddenly into the vessel, with the result that the leaves commenced to smolder, and smoke issued from the mouth of the receptacle.
"I, too, see him," screamed Rabba Kega; "but he is not where Bukawai says he is.
Momaya, Ibeto, Rabba Kega, and Mbonga were all crowding around the lad trying to question him at the same time.
Then Momaya's eyes lighted upon Rabba Kega. The village witch-doctor saw something in those eyes of hers which boded no good to him, and backed away.
"Momaya will show you some magic of her own," and with that she seized upon a broken limb and struck Rabba Kega across the head.
Kega said though at the end of the exercise there will be a referendum, Kenyans do not want an acrimonious referendum like it has been the case in the past.
Swings: + 0.9 Country KEGA, + 0.8 Classic Rock KAAZ-F; -- 1.4 Classic Hits KODJ, -- 1.1 ModRock KXRK.
"After that she only gave Kega onion, salt, sugar and water, but I started giving her some food.
Summary of the information attained from the questionnaire survey, survey of the literature, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of study programmes falling under code 5.2.57: Quality of production, from the point of students, teachers, and would be HEI graduate employers (KEGA, 2010), when in the 'eemployers' part these were extended by information attained from a survey publicised in the Economic newspaper article (Chalupova, 2010):
Only Kega and Wambugu showed up, both rooting for a hybrid system of governance.