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KEGAKansas Economic Growth Act
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2010a): Transformation of the existing Quality Management study program to the HEI-wide bilingual study program, Final research report KEGA 3/6411/08 Slovak Ministry of Education, Slovakia
APVV- 20-060805, APVV LPP-0211-09, KEGA 384001PU- 4/2010, VEGA 1/0541/11 and KEGA 007PU-4/2011
This presentation was developed in range of solution of KEGA No.
The paper was elaborated in connection with the projects KEGA 3/2155/04 and KEGA 3/3155/05, solved at the Department of Environmental Studies and Process Control Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Kosice.
The author express their thanks to the VEGA and KEGA grant agencies for supporting the research work and co-financing the projects: VEGA Project n.
This article originates with the direct support of Ministry of Education of Slovak republic by grants VEGA 1/0885/10 and KEGA 270-014TUKE-4/2010 & KEGA 035TUKE-4/2011.
This article was made under the support of Grant Agency KEGA Slovak Republic--project No: 086-051 ZU-4/2010.
This contribution has been supported by research grant KEGA 3/7167/09 (Proposal of interactive educational manual for the area of computer systems support the technological preparation of production).
The contribution was elaborated within the research project KEGA project No.
The project KEGA 3/7131/09--Program production system control laboratory building being solved by the Institute of Production Systems and Applied Mechanics at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in years 2009-2011 represents an opportunity of students to obtain abilities and skills expected by employers.
This paper was supported by project KEGA 3/7426/09.