KEHKrankenkasse Eintracht Heusenstamm (health insurance; Germany)
KEHKenmore Air Harbor, WA, USA (Airport Code)
KEHKontakt East Holdings (Sweden)
KEHKaiser Engineers Hanford
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Andy Ahern, CEO of Ahern & Associates comments, "I'm confident that KEH Logistics will make an excellent addition to Thomas & Sons' expanding agent network and we look forward to helping them expand in the future.
The high MMR is probably due to the fact that KEH is a tertiary institution and most high-risk patients and those requiring emergency care in KZN are referred to this health facility.
Furthermore, uptake of voluntary testing is still in the region of 70% at KEH (2004 KZN Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Programme--unpublished data); in addition, the criteria for the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS were stringent, and the diagnosis was made only if the HIV serological test was positive and not purely on clinical evidence.
This was followed by a presentation on the impact of made by KEH services for treating mental illnesses.
Aside from being pioneers in psychiatric care, KEH is also one of the few organizations who are Shariah compliant, ISO 9001-2015 certified and have registration with the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) for provision of quality psychiatric services.
KBR was assessed as being an industry leader in LNG, Power and Petrochemical development, having the required capability and experience available to conduct the KEH conceptual feasibility study, the output of which being the identification of the most cost effective Downstream concept, inclusive of the LNG liquefaction technology and the final facility location recommendation.
Kumul LNG Project Director, Mr Jason Pollock added: The scope of the concept feasibility study currently undertaken to evaluate the potential KEH economics will include a mid-scale LNG liquefaction and regional export facility to encourage future PNG electrification via gas-driven generation in remote areas, a 180MW power generation facility of which up to 100MW has been allocated for Western and Southern Highlands electrification via future grid connection, a methanol processing facility to enable local petrochemical bi-product production, and a condensate stabilisation, storage and regional export facility.
The Kehs have been married for 16 years and have no other children.