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3-point baskets: LF: Allan, Douglass, Tirzmalis; LFA: Keha, Pacak, Jackson.
Director Ulo Pikkov won the Best Director for his movie Keha Malu in the Official International Shorts Competition.
20 December 2011 - Finnish construction group Yit Oyj (HEL:YTY1V) said today that the Haminan Keha consortium, which it had co-funded with Kesalahden Maansiirto Oy, had got an order from the Finnish Transport Agency for the first construction phase of the E18 Hamina Bypass Road (Vt7).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 20, 2011--Finnish Yit's Haminan Keha lands road construction order at home(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
I have an 18-year-old fan that's just a delicious little guy and he'll send me like Keha ...
Nn uude hauda tuli isegi suurema respektiga suhtuda, sest seal hoiti Issanda ulestousnud ja elavat keha. (165) Niguliste kirikus meenutab toelist tabernaaklit ainult lounaseina niss (joon 8).
The following example illustrates how the Finnish word can be Russified in pronunciation and declension, and how the informants explain why they prefer to employ the Finnish borrowing keha ("ring road") in their Russian speech:
Koksalan & Keha (5) considered two single machine bi-criteria scheduling problems with the objectives of minimizing flow time and number of tardy jobs and minimizing flow time and maximum earliness by using genetic algorithm.
However, partitive plurals with the theme vowel -a may correspond to stem partitive plurals with either of the other theme vowels: -i, as in pesa ~ pesi 'nest' and keha ~ kehi 'body' or -e, as in muna ~ mune 'egg'.
Vaidetakse, et keha ja kehalised kogemused toimivad kui muuti, maailmavaadet ning maailma kujundavad tegurid.
Mientras Nanzi tabata suspira i keha, Shi Maria a pasa e kabuya dor di boka di Cha Tiger.
The current sales growth is being driven by a strong housing market and a new program of public works, which include the modernization and refurbishment of the Keha 3 ring road around Helsinki, a final part of the Helsinki to Turku motorway project and the railway line to Lahti.