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KEIIKatedra Ekonometrii I Informatyki (Polish: Department of Econometrics and Informatics)
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1293-1317); Laudine, the heroine of Hartmann's Iwein who, according to Keii's gloss at any rate, was responsible for causing Iwein to go mad in the forest for love of her (ll.
Many of the 'sins' supposedly discovered by the goblet and explicated by Keii have a laboured air and in some cases appear to have been trumped up to serve a comic purpose.
What makes the subtext of sexual reproach more vivid in this incident is the fact that quite unlike some of Keii's more trumped-up calumnies, Guinevere's words are presented as being the involuntary outburst of a Queen termed 'irascible and somewhat wilful' (18) who swiftly comes to regret the wounding effects of words that had clearly been all too revealing and heartfelt:
(31) Meanwhile, in one of the most remarkable speeches in the work, Keii makes a formal plea that Gawein should have the (moral) right to be King of their chivalric order.
(42) There is also some testimony furnished by Keii to the effect that Gawein's oaths are not invariably to be trusted.
Rehabilitation of character has sometimes been invoked to describe Keii's shift from malicious sniper to fine-feeling elegist on his hearing the (false) rumour of Gawein's death (Zach, pp.
(14) See Guinevere's magnificent counterblast to the captious Keii in Iwein: 'din schelten ist ein prisen | wider alle die wisen' (ll.
Woodhall 1 (unknown scorer) Jam United 2 (Ryan Pereira, Keii Roberts).