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KELPKansas Environmental Leadership Program (Manhattan, KS)
KELPKorea Embedded Linux Project
KELPKentucky Early Learning Profile (Kentucky Department of Education)
KELPKey Employee Loan Program
KELPKnowledge Exchange and Learning Partnerships (African education network)
KELPKindergarten Evaluation of Learning Potential
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The built-out reef would be designed to replace possible lost and damaged resources at the San Onofre kelp bed and produce a persistent giant kelp forest and associated ecosystem.
Mean [+ or -] SE and, in parenthesis, minimum and maximum values of habitat attributes of nesting sites of Kelp Geese (n = 37) and Flightless Steamer-Ducks (n = 17).
Previously, there were only four basic tastes, but kombu kelp possesses a taste that could not be categorised in any one of those tastes.
Comparing kelp density with otters and kelp density without otters, they found that "sea otters have a positive indirect effect on kelp biomass by preying on sea urchins, a kelp grazer.
A maximum 2,500 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive iodine was found in dry kelp, a similar level found in kelp off the West Coast of North America after the 1986 nuclear accident in Chernobyl, but it constitutes a level for consumption not harmful for humans, according to some U.
Collecting monthly samples of kelp from the Welsh coast, researchers used chemical analysis to assess the seasonal variability.
had passed out of me and I was filled instead with the kelp.
Utilizing HD Relay's own eLivestream Service - a fast, bandwidth friendly HD live video technology - the HD Kelp Cam can accommodate 100,000+ viewers simultaneously at a seamless 30 frames per second without interfering with the feed's display.
Methods of harvesting of kelp are important so as to maintain proper re-growth of the plant after cutting.
Birmingham may be landlocked, but the sixyear-old used the memory of trips to the seaside to paint A Dogfish Swimming In Kelp.
OBJECTIVE: To study the effects of ingestion of two different doses of supplemental kelp on the thyroid function of healthy euthyroid subjects.