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To construct the ex-ante real interest rate, we compute the expectation of average aggregate inflation over the four quarters ahead from a univariate AR (Berger and Kempa 2014) of inflation estimated over the 80 quarters prior to the date at which expectations are being formed.
But the crowd gathers around Cell 5 to take photographs (Strange and Kempa 2003, 395).
As University of Ottawa criminologist Michael Kempa points out, these acquisitions have not been subjected to public discussion and oversight (Ottawa Citizen 2014).
"(Poland's) democracy is in very good shape -- there are demonstrations, meetings, protests," a senior PiS official, Beata Kempa, told public broadcaster TVP Info.
While some studies suggest that boys are more motivated in science oriented subjects (Kempa and Diaz, 1990), other researchers suggest that gender difference is declining and girls tend to have equal motivation to science comparing to boys (Gibb et al., 2008; Linn and Hyde, 1989).
Source: Polish MP Beata Kempa, who received this information by querying the Ministry of Education, as reported in < najlatwiej-udawac-glupiego > (23 December 2013), accessed on the same day.
Trittau, Germany, February 07, 2014 --( ROTOCONTROL, a manufacturer of leading-edge slitter/rewinder inspection machines today announced the sale of three RSC slitter/rewinder Machines for German converter Kempa Etiketten.
Kempa et al., "Coaxial silicon nanowires as solar cells and nanoelectronic power sources," Nature, vol.
Regarding the main types of dark places, in the international literature references are frequently either to destinations such as the Sixth Floor in Dallas, Texas (Foley and Lennon, 1996) or visits to cemeteries around the world, either because members of family where buried there or because there are graves of celebrities (Seaton 2002, Alderman 2002), about the Holocaust (Ashworth 1996), a famous prison (Strange and Kempa 2003), or places related to the practice of slavery (Dann and Seaton 2001).