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KEMRIKenya Medical Research Institute
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Towards the end of the 1990s, however, this flow of equipment and per diems dried up, as research collaborations grew in scale and shifted away to the parastatal research organization, KEMRI, as part of a new economy of health research and intervention.
For two decades, KEMRI had been forced, given rising subscription rates, to cut one journal after another.
At KEMRI, mosquito populations are being studied for potential RVF activity between outbreaks.
Because of limited resources, only 10 specimens were shipped to KEMRI.
Sera were frozen within 3 h of venipuncture, stored in liquid nitrogen for 13-42 days, and then transported to KEMRI laboratory in Nairobi.
In its 20+ years of existence, KEMRI has built a physical and professional infrastructure-and a strong relationship with WRAIR-that make it an ideal partner for conducting the field trials required to successfully evaluate a vaccine.
Three additional sites are expected to be online next year at KEMRI centers in Busia, Kisumu and the Ministries of Health headquarters at Afya House.
He said the Tuesday quarantine at the school was lifted after Kemri released the test results on Wednesday.
Old World Phlebotomine sand fly specimens used in this study were deposited in 6 repositories (USNMNH, MnH, IRD, MNHE, IP, MRC), or borrowed from various agencies (RU, KEMRI, FSCA, UNL).
Dried filter papers were placed in zipper-locked polythene bags along with silica gel and sent to the laboratory to be stored in deep freezers at KEMRI (< -20[degrees]C) until analysis.
The protocol and consent forms were reviewed and approved by the Ethical Review Boards of the KEMRI (no.