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KENAKey Exchange for Network Architectures
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Billy learns to control his ghost body and understand his role in the spirit world in time to help solve his murder and get the help of Aunt Kena to rescue Dale.
Patutjuga perang ah, baru saya ingat sekarang, ah, kena juga Haji punya cakap.
Jim Oliver's 2009 statement that the Copper King Zone is one of the highest priority target areas within the Kena claim block and is itself a superb stand-alone exploration target.
Na vilavilairevo,na kena bibi vei keitou na yavusa o Sawau baleta e isolisoli e soli vei ira na neitou qase ena gauna e liu, ka keitou se saga tiko ga me keitou maroroya ena vuku ni kena isolisoli bibi baleta ni sega tale ni dua na vanua e caka tiko kina na vilavilairevo ka keitou ga na yavusa qo ka keitou vakayacora tiko ya gona, ya na kena bibi kina vei keitou na vilavilairevo.
We have to have a representation in the executive authority whether we formed alliances or not," Kena told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting to the meetings he held with some winning blocs and others to be held in the coming days to coordinate stances for the coming stage.
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As to the post-colonial subject, represented through the voices of Kena and his sub-narrators, the traumatic history of bodily fragmentation and domestication can only be expressed via a kind of hallucinated writing that tries to relive the pains of the past.
If all looked good, on Night Two, MC-130s and AC-130s would launch from Wadi Kena, Egypt, to secure the Iranian airfield at Manzariyeh south of the U.
In the Kena Upanisad the questioning Maha Yaksa is identified as Brahman, and in the Mahabharata the questioning Maha Yaksa turns out to be the god Dharma.
As a result, many scavengers suffered population crashes as well, says Kena Fox-Dobbs of the University of California, Santa Cruz.
But the pair, born to Kena, last month, should be back up and apeing around in no-time.
Last year's numbers were lower than usual because many female turtles were unable to reach the beaches to lay their eggs when Hurricane Kena hit the shores of Mexico.