KENETKenya Education Network
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The five categories of e-readiness indicators that KENET (2013) used are: networked access, networked campus, networked learning, networked society, and institutional ICT strategies.
KENET is a not-for-profit telecommunications operator in Kenya supporting the communication needs of the education and research institutions in the country.
KENET is the first Sub Saharan National Research and Education Network to enter into such an agreement with IBM that allows all connected member universities to benefit from the certification program.
Kenet T, Orekhova EV, Bharadwaj H, Shetty NR, Israeli E, Lee AK, Agam Y, Joseph RM, Hinen MS, Manoach DS.
Developmental and in vitro studies in rodents and nonhuman primates have demonstrated the ability of non-coplanar PCBs to cause imbalances in excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission within critical regions for language development (Kenet et al.
Pour l'eventualite de la production spontanee de telles formes qui fournissent des cadres de reconnaissance, voir Kenet, T.
Kyalo (2005) noted that Kenyan Education Network (KENET) was also formed with a view to providing a sustainable and high speed Internet connectivity to Education Institutions; facilitate electronic communication among them and facilitate teaching and learning over the Internet.
A number of retrospective reports describe bleeding control after rFVIIa administration to exsanguinating trauma patients (Hardy, 2002; Lynn, Jeroukhimov, Klein, & Martinowitz, 2002; Martinowitz, Kenet, Lubetski, Luboshitz, & Segal, 2002; Martinowitz et al., 2001).
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Intersil Corporation (NYSE:ISIL), a designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog solutions, announced on Tuesday (30 September) that the company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Kenet Incorporated, a fabless semiconductor company.