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President Tony Tan Keng Yam expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to HRH Premier for his noble feelings, wishing him abundant good health and happiness and the Kingdom further progress and prosperity.
One of the prime architects of Singapore's economic success, former deputy prime minister Goh Keng Swee, died Friday after a long illness, local media reports said.
Lim Keng Yaik speculated the DAP secretary general would try to make a comeback by having one of the elected DAP parliamentarians resign so Lim could contest a by-election.
The cyber libel complaint against Ressa stemmed from a Rappler article linking Keng to human trafficking and drug smuggling.
He said that Rappler only corrected one letter from the story about Keng lending Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to the late Chief Justice Renato Corona two years after it was published in May 2012.
Nhor Angkuot village chief Keng San said some villagers who had cleared the forest and then sold the land to outsiders were the ones who have filed a complaint to environment officials against Nin.
Apart from this, the story also cited an intelligence report which said Keng had been under surveillance by the National Security Council for alleged involvement in human trafficking and drug smuggling.
The article wrote that then Chief Justice Renato Corona was using a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban which was found registered to Keng whom Santos described as "shady" and involved in human trafficking and drug smuggling, among others.
Ressa, the chief executive officer of news website Rappler, was arrested last Thursday over a cyber libel complaint filed by businessman Wilfredo Keng. In 2012, Rappler published a report about the businessman's alleged connection with the late former chief justice Renato Corona, who was ousted in the same year.
Keng San villager Srout Sambok said the clearing also spread to natural streams and the last remaining area where the Tumpuon ethnic community villagers collect forestry products.
HM the King wished President Tony Tan Keng Yam continuous good health and happiness and the friendly Singapore people further progress and prosperity.
The article subject of the cyberlibel ase was written by Santos in May 2012 claiming that businessman Wilfredo Keng lent his sports utility vehicle to then Chief Justice Renato Corona.