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Kenics Thermogenizers can be supplied with electrical band heaters and thermocouple ports for wall temperature control.
The appropriate Kenics static mixer model is selected, eliminating selection guesswork or the need for additional assistance.
It is revealed from Table 2, that the new static mixer offers less pressure drop as compared to Kenics and Sulzer static mixers.
2004 "Dynamic flow in a Kenics Static mixer: An Assessment of various CFD Methods," AIChE Journal, 50, pp.
The Kenics heat exchanger reportedly provided more efficient, cost-effective processing of the chemical.
In a short communication, Bakker and LaRoche (24) used CFD to compute flow fields in the Kenics static mixer, but their limited mixing analysis was based on a scalar transport approach and mixing structures were severely limited by mesh size.
Kenics Stator Mixer technology offers extremely high heat transfer coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer.
Equipped with streamlined Kenics Static Mixer elements, the heat exchangers are reportedly the most efficient units available today.
Most static mixers (Chemineer Kenics type, Sulzer SMX type, etc.
3-122 cm), Kenics KM static mixers are available in a wide variety of materials of construction, including all commercial metals and alloys, FRP, PVC/CPVC, and PTFE.
13) report that 18 Kenics mixing elements are necessary for their "dual-extruder mixing method" to obtain a fiber/matrix morphology.