KEPBKeep El Paso Beautiful (El Paso, TX)
KEPBKeep East Point Beautiful (Georgia)
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KEPB launched in Eugene in 1990, the last of OPB's five TV stations, joining KOAC in Corvallis, KOPB in Portland, KTVR in La Grande and KOAB in Bend.
00pm had already missed the standard specification so in no way, was ASE making an attempt to falsify its records to the KEPB.
5mg/L was the data submitted by ASE for KEPB based on data recorded at 6.
ASE did not attempt to falsify its records to the KEPB.
In 2005, in ASE's formal submission to the authorities, the current model of neutralization tank (which was an approved model recommended in the KEPB 'proposal for water pollution control measures') was submitted in ASE's application for licensed use.