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Study Author Age Location (1) Cervoni 71 R cerebellar hemisphere (2) Cervoni 67 L cerebellar hemisphere (3) Jaiswal 65 Vermis (4) Huppmann 65 R cerebellar hemisphere (5) Yong 71 4th ventricle (6) Kepes 73 R cerebellar hemisphere (7) Ramsay 66 Cerebellar hemisphere (8) Ramsay 65 Cerebellar hemisphere (9) Liang 72 R cerebellar hemisphere (10) Sajko 62 R superior cerebellar peduncle (11) Aljoghaiman 51 R middle cerebellar peduncle + (current case) superior vermis Study Pathology (1) Not specified (2) Not specified (3) Medulloblastoma with glial differentiation (4) Classic subtype (5) Classic subtype (6) Classic subtype (7) Classic subtype (8) Desmoplastic subtype (9) Classic subtype (10) Desmoplastic subtype (11) Classic subtype (SHH subgroup)
"Kepes had been blogging for Zendesk since 2010 and was being paid by it," he added.
They would then display this data abstractly through patterns of light and sound in order to maintain a sort of urban "environmental homeostasis." (This was the particular battle cry of artist Gyorgy Kepes, former student of Moholy-Nagy and founder of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, who vociferously advocated sustainability through technologically attuned artwork).
LJMU's own contribution to the festival is extensive and will include an exclusive, one-nightonly late opening of the Gyorgy Kepes: The New Landscape exhibition at the University's School of Art and Design on Duckinfield Street, off Brownlow Hill.
Kepes, Banks, and Oh (2014) re-analyzed data from four published meta-analyses and found that three of the four showed some potential influence of publication bias, calling into question their results.
SITA tablet aims to create paperless system for crews Aviation technology firm SITA recently unveiled new technology that aims to eliminate the need for in-flight staff to use paper, writes Ben Kepes. SITA's CrewTablet offers a user interface integrated with passenger name lists, luggage systems and other airline systems, he writes.
(Harrell's position at MIT calls to mind the cross-cultural attempts of figures such as Gyorgy Kepes and Nicholas Negroponte.) Rut to do so would be to miss both the core of Harrell's project and the potential of the work that it may well set in motion.
In this whitepaper, Kepes (2013) elicits appropriate and inappropriate cases for the three models.