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KEPSKeplerian elements
KEPSKuwait Environment Protection Society
KEPSKnowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling (International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling)
KEPSKentucky Educator Placement Service
KEPSKalash Environmental Protection Society
KEPSKing Edward VII Preparatory School (Johannesburg, South Africa)
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Meanwhile, KEPS Chairperson Wejdan Al-Oqab said the Society is working on a range of pilot programs to maximize benefit from voluntary action in the conservation of wildlife.
KEPS Chairman Mohammad Al-Ahmad said that the achievement marks a new height in the eco-friendly efforts of the nation, with 17 additional planned all over the country in the upcoming future.
Kuwait responded to resolutions taken by the first UN Conference on Human Environment in 1972, and established KEPS in March 1974 for the preservation of the environment and combating pollution, Ghalib said.