KERCKansas Education Resource Center (Kansas State Department of Education)
KERCKarnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (India)
KERCKeele European Research Centre (Keele University; UK)
KERCKyushu Economic Research Center (Fukuoka, Japan)
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During his reign at KERC, Stutz was unwavering in his insistence that relief work in Kansas would suffer no political interference and subsequently won the approbation of important national Democratic bureaucrats as well as the opprobrium of Kansas Democratic politicians.
Over the next few months, he and his staff held Stutz and KERC in high esteem for what they considered his nonpartisan relief administration.
Harry Woodring, recently appointed secretary of war, returned to his home state to lament that John Stutz has "inserted relief into politics." He claimed that he had appointed Stutz, a Republican, to head KERC because he wanted to "keep relief out of partisan politics." Now, working with Landon and the Republican National Committee, Stutz "is letting political expediency and partisanship defeat his future usefulness to necessary relief in Kansas." Woodring regretted that Stutz had "made public correspondence between himself and Harry Hopkins" and the Republican national committee had reproduced part of it in a fifteen-page pamphlet.
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