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KERFKabwe Environmental and Rehabilitation Foundation (Zambia)
KERFKarnataka Environment Research Foundation (est. 1996; Canada)
KERFKNCV Excursie en ReisFonds
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The darker areas in Figure 9 result from oxidised zones near the cut kerf. It is apparent that despite the fact the cutting was performed with Ar, an inert gas, surface oxidation is still present due to the high reactivity of Mg.
The four input parameters namely servo voltage (SV), pulse-on time ([T.sub.ON]), pulse-off time ([T.sub.OFF]) and wire feed rate (WF) were chosen as variables to study their effects on the quality of cut in Si[C.sub.p]/6061 aluminum MMC using MRR and kerf as response parameters.
The following factors have the most influence on differences between simulated and real sawing in the sawmill: log and sawn product quality (variability within a wood species owing to where the trees that produce logs grow, internal and external wood defects, method of log and wood products grading and measuring), specific characteristics of saw machines and tools (saw kerf width, saw vibration, real world sawing variation, oversizing/undersizing), saw regimes (methods of sawing, capacity), and competency of the machine operator (making a decision for placement of the initial opening sawline or determining the optimum sawblade arrangement).
Cooper says that the AWMV single head re-saw utilizes the same thin-kerf technology as Wood-Mizer's band saws and therefore "selecting it was the obvious choice." Thin kerf milling is important in his operation, Cooper continues, because, "Most of the raw lumber is only a little larger than 1 1/2 inches thick and we are cutting it down to 13/16 in one pass." An AWMV single bladed ripsaw and a six-spindled moulder was also chosen by Owen and Cooper to meet their needs.
When you get about one-third of the way toward the undercut, you should notice the kerf getting slightly bigger.
Robert Lake's plier-like item (Farm Collector, February 2005, page 5) is used to set the teeth on a saw so they make a kerf wider than the saw blade and thereby reduce the chance of the saw pinching.
The trimmer increases capability and throughput and produces narrow cuts with a small kerf, a smaller heat-affected zone and less micro-cracking.
This provides complete control over the plasma cutting process in terms of cutting cycle and speed, kerf width, arc voltage, cutting current and nozzle to workpiece distance.
Sector-specific Regulation by Damien Geradin and Michel Kerf.
This allows the user to see clearly on both sides of the blade kerf whether the blade is in motion or not, resulting in more accurate cuts.
The Laser Router can produce a narrow kerf width while maintaining a typical cutting speed of 0.2"/sec.
The Hagby WL76 wireline corebarrel, cutting a 57.5mm core, was chosen as it has the thinnest kerf available.