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KERMAKinetic Energy Released in Materials
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The range of materials and substances used for body ornamentation in the fifth millennium BC greatly exceeds what is attested for earlier periods of prehistory in most of the Nile Valley and adjacent regions (a possible exception in the Kerma region is noted below).
On the left is the Radcal IC used to measure incident air kerma from x-ray backscatter systems that were installed at NIST for extended study.
Both FACs are proven national-standard instruments deemed suitable for the realization of air kerma for these sources.
Reisner (1923a, 1923b) initiated the exploration of an extensive urban settlement and a vast burial ground at Kerma in northern Sudan (Figure 1).
We were a group from Kerma, a small town in Northern state, and I am not telling you a secret but despite the anxiety and uncertainty of this trip, there was one thing that reduced our tension, the fact that we would see Khartoum
In Lower Nubia this is known as C-Group, and upstream, especially above the Third Cataract as far as the Fourth Cataract, it is referred to as Early Kerma (Kerma ancien or KA) or Old Kush I.
Algerian ambassador Ahcene Kerma explained Bouteflika helps Cuba in the name of his compatriots, moved for the disastrous damages left by Gustav and Ike.
4) These exposure indices are useful if the relationship with the air kerma is understood.
Friedrich Blase of consulting firm Kerma Partners warns that the biggest problem is often the lack of an underlying rationale for setting up shop in the PRC: "Everybody is rushing to China today, but few firms have a clear strategy and sound business plan.
Other great periods were centred at cities like Kerma, Gebel, Barkal, Meroe and Naqa (all found in modern Sudan).
The Premier healthcare alliance today announced that new SEEDS[TM] agreements for disposable labor and delivery products have been awarded to Kerma Medical Products Inc.
Les alevins laches ont ete fournis par l'ecloserie d'El Ouricia, situee dans la wilaya de Setif, a encore precise la meme source qui a egalement signale qu'une visite a ete effectuee, le week-end dernier, dans des retenues collinaires situees a Ain Kerma afin de s'enquerir de l'etat de croissance des sujets laches il y a pres d'une annee.