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KERNELKnowledge Extraction and Refinement by Neural Learning
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I hope that you will be among those who will not "stick to break the shell of the nut for the kernel's sake," and that although the "sense be somewhat dark" you will some day read the book for yourselves.
The corn I grow is always husky, and I call the ears my regiments, because they have so many kernels. Of course I cannot ride my cobs, but I really don't care shucks about that.
"I thought I should have died when I saw you two girls rattling about in the what-you-call-it, like two little kernels in a very big nutshell, and Mother waiting in state to receive the throng," sighed Jo, quite spent with laughter.
Uncas, boy, you waste the kernels by overcharging; and a kicking rifle never carries a true bullet.
One of these is a giant Indian maize--a lofty perennial often fifty and sixty feet in height, with ears the size off a man's body and kernels as large as your fist.
He was dressed in clothes far to large for him, clothes of the doctor's bigness; the cords of his face still moved with a semblance of life, but life was quite gone: and by the crushed phial in the hand and the strong smell of kernels that hung upon the air, Utterson knew that he was looking on the body of a self-destroyer.
Cutting corn kernels off the cob can be a tedious, messy job.
(1999) showed that although number of pods per productive node was the critical to yield through its effects on pod and kernel number, compensation between number of kernels and their size negated any positive effect on total yield.
They contend that just as machine learning is usually well-posed in reproducing kernel Hilbert, so it is desirable to solve learning problems in Banach spaces endowed with certain reproducing kernels.
Inspired by MK-ELM[14], we adopt multiple kernel learning (MKL) to design a multi-hidden-layer-kernel ELM (MHLK-ELM) in this paper.
We simply want to parlay the world's most popular snack into an opportunity for giving back to the warriors who so selflessly put their lives on the line," explains Rod Taylor, co-founder of Colonel Kernel Popcorn.