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KERSKinetic Energy Recovery System
KERSKentucky Employees' Retirement System (est. 1956)
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ERS combines two electrical motor generator units, one of which works like KERS, whilst the second harvests waste energy from the exhaust flow, allowing for 30 seconds of additional power.
Since the Twizy F1 is nowhere as fast as an F1 car, the energy created under braking isn't enough to recharge the KERS system, which led to the designers allowing the KERS to be powered additionally by the Tizzy's on-board batteries.
"But I was able to pick them off with a fantastic strategy." Hamilton started making gains when Vettel lost his KERS but he couldn't get past despite the extra overtaking boost and the adjustable rear wing also offering an extra push.
Asked whether the team's battle to make KERS reliable has become the team's main focus, Horner added: "No, no, no.
Teammate Jenson Button also said the KERS comeback could give McLaren an edge over their rivals in 2011.
However, while Whitmarsh admitted he would like to retain KERS for 2010, he stressed McLaren decided to side with the rest of the paddock in a bid to help reduce costs and ease the passage of four potential new teams into the sport next season.
However, Trulli managed to reclaim second during the last round of pit stops and Hamilton admitted without the additional KERS power boost, he had no chance of coming out in front of the Italian and was forced to settle for six points.
The 2009 season brought with it the introduction of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), which recovers the heat normally wasted during braking maneuvers and converts that into power that can be used by the driver to boost acceleration.
JENSON BUTTON hopes to lift his Hungaroing curse today with help from Lewis Hamilton's KERS.
One of this year's special developments is the new energy efficient KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) installed by Ferrari in its new F60 for the 2009 race season.
"We have cars with KERS, cars with no KERS and a different floor, and cars with KERS and no floor, which I think is bad."