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KERSKinetic Energy Recovery System
KERSKentucky Employees' Retirement System (est. 1956)
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The rear seat was ditched and in its place sits the entire KERS system weighing in at just 30kg, including the battery.
The setup is inspired by the automaker's TS030 Le Mans Prototype, which features a KERS system that sends captured brake energy to the rear wheels.
Hamilton started making gains when Vettel lost his KERS but he couldn't get past despite the extra overtaking boost and the adjustable rear wing also offering an extra push.
Asked whether the team's battle to make KERS reliable has become the team's main focus, Horner added: "No, no, no.
3 F1's rule makers have finally got it right High degradation tyres, drag reduction systems and the return of Kers.
He said: "As McLaren, we'd rather have KERS, we think we've got the best KERS system.
He said: "I pulled the gap up to three seconds, I think, which was roughly what I needed, and then on the last couple of laps just before my pit stop we had a KERS problem and we were also just generally struggling with the car a little bit.
The development of the KERS unit will most likely mean new opportunities that can be transferred from this exciting motor sport to the standard car industry.
We have cars with KERS, cars with no KERS and a different floor, and cars with KERS and no floor, which I think is bad.
HEIKKI KOVALAINEN is "99% confident" McLaren will be using KERS for the season-opening grand prix in Australia on March 29.
KERS converts the energy created in the action of braking, stores it, and allows it to be used intermittently to provide a power boost when required.