KERTKey Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking (functions)
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From the perspective of fictional appropriations, one might argue that Naomi Woods covered the ground Bernice Kert explored in more scholarly fashion (bibliography, index and all) with Mrs.
These high mobile and Internet technology explosion rates created opportunities for the application of mobile technologies for social and economic development in areas that include but are not limited to banking, education, agriculture, and shopping (Hsu, 2013; Kert, 2011).
Juri Engelbrecht (*), Tanel Peets, Kert Tamm, Martin Laasmaa, and Marko Vendelin
Additionally, the GHTA has added five new members to its board: Nicholas Vafakas of andlSales; John Toler of Evergreen Enterprises; Robin Kert of Southeast Marketing; Michael Nieves of Paladone; and Kelly Shiley of Mary Square.
The other qualifiers are Rafiq Ismael, Malaysia (4112), Marshall Kent, USA (4107), Anze Grabrijan, Slovenia (4096), Michael Mak, Hong Kong (4057), Mahmood Al Aftar, UAE (4056), David Simard, Canada (4052), Arturs Levikins, Latvia (4048), Hengki, Indonesia (4041), Norman Cai, Singapore (4030), Antonino Fiorentino, Italy (4022), Tobias Boerding, Germany (4010), Miranda, Renan Zoghaib, Brazil (3979), Kert Truus, Estonia (3974), Nico Thienpondt, Netherlands (3972), Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia (3971), Christopher Sloan, Ireland (3958), Peter Stevenson, England (3956) and Emmanuel Buenrostro, Mexico (3932).
Kert (KepT 1986) contains about 4,000 entries and is intended for primary school children.
Bullying is usually assessed based on self-report instruments (Kert et al.
For this reason, games have also been used for educational purposes recently (Kert & Kuzu, 2006).
Kert presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with an examination of privateering amongst U.S.
August Kert; BRING ME TO LIFE; Samhain Publishing (Fiction: Romance) 4.50 ISBN: 9781619229907
Princess Lauren Kert, daughter of Trevor and Holly Kert, attends the Valley Academy of Learning.