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KESTKoorie Education Strategy Team (Australia)
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Fannie Mae Multifamily relies on its Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) programme to finance rental housing and the DUS lender for the Goldrich Kest portfolio is Walker & Dunlop of Bethesda, Maryland.
Reinhardt justified the move south to Duke University on the grounds that the ADF needed a home where dance as an art form and the Festival as an event would be considered more of a priority by its host institution (Fitzgerald and Kest 1977).
4) Kristiina Mottus, "Ansip: kaevetood Tonismael voivad kest kuid".
The showcase was a wonderful opportunity to interact with buyers as well as agents," said David Kest, sales director of 45 John Street.
Like his brothers, the Maharal studied under the tutelage of distinguished rabbis and was able to secure an engagement to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman who paid for a kest, the financial support which allowed the young Maharal to continue his studies.
Today, with Tony McCoy in the plate, he can come out on top in the Malsar Kest Handicap Chase at Fontwell (3.
ACORN's original organizing model did not include services as a significant part of the model (see Delgado, 1986; Kest & Rathke, 1979; Staples, 1984).
KEST Acquisition of oil and gas leases 146 Aspen Exploration Corp.
His refusal specifically rejects the women of Bertilak's court who have ensnared him in their game: "And comaundez me to that cortays, your comlych fere, / Bothe that on and that other, myn honoured ladyez, / That thus hor knyght wyth hor kest han koyntly bigyled" (2411-13).
Gotsfeld even coined a derogatory term for general funds, calling them "pudding," and iterated a colorful Yiddish warning: "Nisht zu mischen taschen un kest," that is, not to mix different kinds of things.