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KETCKeppel Environmental Technology Centre (Singapore)
KETCKentucky Education Technology Conference
KETCKorea Electric Traffic Co., Ltd. (Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea)
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CEO of CPB, KETC on the Impact of Facing the Mortgage Crisis (sept.
While KETC did a commendable job in marshaling the opinions of local citizens around many topics, viewers did not benefit from an update of current economic racial integration.
News Feature, Public Relations, Terri Gates, KETC Guide
Ten children received recognition in the KETC (Channel 9) annual Young Writers and Illustrators Contest.
Seems like only a few keystrokes ago when associate editor Bob Duffy, general manager Nicole Hollway and I sat down at borrowed tables in KETC's building, opened our laptops, and our non-profit regional news organization became reality.
The Beacon crew, in its office at KETC (Channel 9), is like a merry little band of pioneers who are reinventing journalism in this daunting era when the Internet is felling newspapers right and left.
When Frank Absher, the godfather of media history in this region, learned that we had 30- and 40-year-old letters and communications from radio and television stations (KETC, KIRO Television, KFRU Radio, KTVI, KSD, KMOX-TV, KPLR-TV), he demanded to keep them.
The Beaconers got free office space from KETC (Channel 9), the public television station, and soon will occupy even larger quarters in the KETC building at 3655 Olive Street.
Panelists are: Kathy Corley and Art Silverblatt, both of Webster University, and Patrick Murphy of KETC Channel 9.
KETC (Channel 9) could have served area families and partygoers better on New Year's Eve.
Television News Feature Reporting: Ruth Ezell, producer and talent, KETC (Channel 9)--"Living St.
Hartmann remains a regular on the KETC (Channel 9) "Donnybrook," as was Vittert.