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KEVKilo Electron Volt
KEVKreis Energie Versorgung (German: District Energy Supply; Germany)
KEVKirstin Ellen Vietze (salon; Germany)
KEVKracht en Vriendschap (Dutch: Strength and Friendship; gymnastics club; Netherlands)
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Five players have also gone through to the men's last 32 - including Kev Thorburn who meets Cumbria's David Carr.
Former steelworker Kev said: "Five years ago, I said to her 'I'm going to marry you one day.
Kev said: "Play is an undervalued part of hospital experiences, so we hope that through this it will highlight the transformational effect it can have and the efforts of hospital staff who work in this area.
MARC expects KEV to preserve additional cash to offset the lower CFO generation in FY2014 by deferring payments on its redeemable unsecured loan stocks (RULS) if necessary.
FIRST SET OF WHITES: Kev as baby; FINE PARTNERSHIP: With dog Mattie; ON TOUR: Family hols in South Africa; BROTHERS: Tony, Bryan, Gregg & Kev; PADDLE SHOT: Young Kevin is about to go for a dip; WINNING SMILES: Kev, Penny and Bryan after Ashes win; BRILLIANT SWOT: Kev was a geeky brainbox at school; STICKY WICKET: Kev with ice cream; CAP THAT: Schoolboy star aged 17; NO DUCKS: Kev at an ostrich farm; WELL HELD: Kevin with replica of The Ashes
A total of eight events were recorded in the timing spectrum of genuine proton events detected in triple coincidence with electrons and gamma-rays in the energy range 35 keV to 100 keV.
Kev, who applied himself at school enough to pass three-and-a-half exams, has been on courses and learned a thing or two about contemporary art.
Fans will be gobsmacked by the new storyline which comes after Kev, played by Michael le Vell, moves in with his older lover as wife Sally files for divorce.
We now know that cosmic X-rays run from less than 1 kiloelectron volt (keV) to as much as 100 keV.
The cobalt gamma rays should have an energy of 847 keV.