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9.07 (435m): Selkirk Mayhem, Laid Back Kev, Moanduff Fact, Glengiblin Billy (W), Glengiblin Kenny (W), Ferndale Dara (W).
(12,15) As kVp represents the peak energy of a selected photon spectrum, the number of keV photons at lower kVp is higher than that generated at a higher kVp because of the inherent bell shape of the distribution curve.
In addition to providing a barefoot-style experience, Kevs shoes also featured a scary grizzly bear print, so that, along with his good name. =1041-7915&date=2004&volume=24&issue=9&aulast=Ferguson&atitle=October :+OpenURL+Link+Resolvers&spage=17 The ContextObject is represented after the question mark as Key/Encoded Values (commonly referred to as KEVs).
In Mold, we called them `the gits'; you might have known them as Kevs, townies,or by their social security numbers.
The two Kevs would have met a few years ago if a bus hadn't been late.
The bulk of the action, however, comes from Hove, where Tom Foster's Kevs Express looks good in the 9.05.
20.13 (640m) Handicap: The Moppitt, Bramble Honey, Tonawillie Jet, Head Puma, Swift Mask, Poolie Beth 20.28 (290m): Fabulous Sequel, Colliery Girl, Kevs Puma, Spirit Kays Echo, Romeo Valentino, Canny Decision (W) 20.43 (480m): Queenies Three, Pennys Tingle, Holycross Turbo, Bramble Zuri, Boogardy Charlie, Best Feature 20.58 (480m): Pennys Echo, Bramble Reggie, Kildallon Beta, Ashgrove Lisa, Bramble Johnted, Amadan Beag (W).
Some close games in the Wednesday League saw Woolton Wanderers pick up three points with a 13-9 victory over Kevs Cabs FC.
Yn ei chasgliad diweddaraf (Mawrth 2016) mae llun gan Ani o Kevs Ford, aelod o'r grwp Llwybr Llaethog, ond yr oll yw'r llun yw wyneb Kevs tu ol i ffram wag.
Run Freddie is part of a five-dog jumps team - Strideaway Teddy, Glown Fox, Kevs Express and Penn Monkey are the others - sent up the M40 by Tommy Foster.