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The murder was said to have happened centering long enmity about jhut business between Kewa Pashchim Khanda and Baherchala areas.
4, I visited the Kewa Pueblo, just north of Albuquerque, N.M., at the invitation of former APHA President Michael Bird, a member of the pueblo.
His brother Kewa Ram recalls how Beenja Ram " acted like a mad man" for the first two days after his return home in the last week of June.
In addition, Genel has stakes in licenses for the Dohuk, Ber Behar, Kewa Chirmila and Chia Surkh blocks, which in total are thought to hold 7.5 billion barrels of oil.
Josephides (anthropology, Queen's U., Belfast) explores how Kewa people of the New Guinea Highlands use autobiographical narratives and accounts of interactive encounters to create their culture and their own place in it.
For instance, in languages, such as Kewa (Papuan) and the Australian language Tiwi, in which aspect (nuclear) and tense (clausal, or in early accounts peripheral) are expressed as separate inflections, aspect always occurs closer to the verb stem than tense.
Josephides, Lisette 1985 The Production of Inequality--Gender and Exchange among the Kewa Tavistock, London.