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KEWLKnowledge Environment for Web-Based Learning (online learning resource)
KEWLKids Excellent Web Links
KEWLKnowledge Empowering Women Leaders (Washington and Lee University; Lexington, VA)
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Paragon is working with Kewl to leverage several advanced methodologies in the new product, which relies on nanotechnology, advanced software and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.
The site can be accessed at and aims to promote the sale of Kewl goods.
(33.) One commentary has suggested that this situation might arise were the honeypot operator, under the guise of fellow hackers, spreading rumors on bulletin boards or in chat rooms about the "kewl" stuff available on the honeypot site.
OK, I saw it on the internet and chances are it was thought up by a 16- year-old geek who says "kewl" a lot and believes that Elvis is not only still alive but that he is a robot designed by the CIA.
This is what is "cool", or "kewl" as the very cool kids type it in e-mail these days.
Here's a list of what you need to know to be "kewl" (cool):
Many computer types are interested in doing "kewl" things as opposed to putting computers to use in more practical ways.
Last week the Cereal Killer cafe was attacked by some revolutionary types claiming that it was a symbol of the gentrification of the area, pushing poorer people out with increasingly higher rents and bringing in rich types with their quinoa, man buns and unquenchable hunger for sugary chocolatey bowls of "kewl".
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* Prescribe compulsory websites and online activities to be done in KEWL sessions for the lower level courses.
Ocala, FL, August 28, 2010 --( Kewl Tubes Receives 2010 Best of Ocala Award