KEWSKentucky Emergency Warning System
KEWSKentucky Early Warning System
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Then he and eight other gentlemen of about the same age went down in a body to Kew one Saturday, with the idea of hiring a boat there, and pulling to Richmond and back; one of their number, a shock-headed youth, named Joskins, who had once or twice taken out a boat on the Serpentine, told them it was jolly fun, boating!
They passed under Kew Bridge, broadside, at the rate of eight miles an hour.
"There's only one place to discuss things satisfactorily that I know of," he said quickly; "that's Kew."
What do you say to a drive out to Kew and Richmond?
Kensington, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Kew Bridge, Brentford, were all passed; and yet they went on as steadily as if they had only just begun their journey.
And at half-past eight next morning--before the heat of the day--Raffles and I drove to Kew Gardens in a hired landau which was to call for us at mid-day and wait until we came.
And actually in half an hour he was seated once more in the hired carrying chair, while the porter and I staggered upstairs with my decrepit charge, for whose shattered strength even one hour in Kew Gardens had proved too much!
Little Alick in a frock has already made arrangements for his union with a suitable young person at Kew. And indeed, I think we are all engaged, except the baby."
Afterwards he found that the vague feeling of alarm had spread to the clients of the underground railway, and that the Sunday excursionists began to return from all over the South-Western "lung"--Barnes, Wimbledon, Richmond Park, Kew, and so forth--at unnaturally early hours; but not a soul had anything more than vague hearsay to tell of.
A royal princess had remarked him, and kissed him, and asked his name in Kew Gardens.
It was rather as if he were thanking a stranger in a smoking-room for some trouble in passing the matches, than as if he were (as he was) practically thanking the Curator of Kew Gardens for coming with him into a field to find a four-leaved clover.
He suggested that they should combine the London School with Kew Gardens.