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The set of primers were designed to amplify a 151-bp region of the Kex DNA sequence according to the PCR protocol of Vilela et al.
Offsetting the risks of on-going acquisitions is KEX's track record of using FCF to repay acquisition-related debt and utilizing equity as part of the consideration offered in larger transactions.
th tk I met with Nadeem Uddin Khan, the clinic director, who explained the procedure and also with Dr Albena Kovacheva Kex als to h M selecti bes to help plan my particular case.
Djebaili, "Synthesis and structural characterization of xanthate (KEX) in sight of their utilization in the processe s of sulphides flotation," Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, vol.
And this morning, McNay was scheduled to appear on 1190 KEX News Radio in Portland, Ore.
Then a 21-year-old reporter for KEX radio in Salem, Ruark admits that he was a little peeved that, instead of answering his questions, Gross was enjoying a beer.
Other precedents include Graham Rawle's novel Diary of an Amateur Photographer, its text harvested from photography magazines, and Eduardo Paolozzi's collage-novel Kex, cobbled from crime novels and newspaper clippings.
"Kex me dist bien en son sermon Que femes estoient itels." De ce li menbre que dist Kex, Que, par la soie qu'il amot, Dist a la cort le vilain mot: "Honies fuissent eles totes!" "Kex, tu as droit si tu en doutes, Totes les maudesis par non, Et je dis bien, ce soient mon.