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KEYKirby's Epic Yarn (game)
KEYKeep Educating Yourself (Delta Chi Fraternity Inc.)
KEYKnowledge Empowers You
KEYKiwanis Educating Youth (Kiwanis youth organization)
KEYKidney Education and You (DaVita)
KEYKnowledge of the Environment for Youth (Canada)
KEYKeep Extending Yourself
KEYKokomo Enrichment of Youth
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This is the key of my iron chest, in the closet there.
It was a key. He raised his fettered ankle and examined the lock.
Boxtel at first entertained an idea of stealing the key, but it soon occurred to him, not only that it would be exceedingly difficult to abstract it from her pocket, but also that, when she perceived her loss, she would not leave her room until the lock was changed, and then Boxtel's first theft would be useless.
He put the key of the cabinet back in the basket, and crossed the room to the bureau, with the basket in one hand and the letter in the other.
He stands the candle on the chimney-piece in the clerk's hall and taps his dry cheek with the key as he addresses these words of welcome to Mademoiselle Hortense.
Whatever else of mischief De Vac might be up to, Brus was quite sure that in so far as the King was concerned, the key to the postern gate was as safe in De Vac's hands as though Henry himself had it.
Sapsea rises, takes a key from a drawer, unlocks an iron safe let into the wall, and takes from it another key.
"You shall speak to the servants," she said, "with the keys of my wardrobe in your hand."
'It seems very interesting, love,' said he, lifting his head and turning to where I stood, wringing my hands in silent rage and anguish; 'but it's rather long; I'll look at it some other time; and meanwhile I'll trouble you for your keys, my dear.'
"And for the world you would not get out without the key and without Mr.
How had he got into the bedroom--the doors being locked, and the keys being taken away by Mr.
"You showed me where the key was yesterday," she said.