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KEYSKamenori Earth Youth Summit (Japan)
KEYSKingston Employment Youth Services (Canada)
KEYSKeep Educating Yourself and Staff (various locations)
KEYSKingdom Education for Young Scholars (Virginia Beach, VA)
KEYSKosciusko Endowment Youth Services (Warsaw, IN)
KEYSKeep Empowering Yourself Successfully
KEYSKeeping Every Youth in School (Corpus Christi, TX)
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She saw him dropping his keys and trying to grasp his stick, while he looked at her like an aged hyena, the muscles of his face getting distorted with the effort of his hand.
The lock was a double one and in good order, but Rosa always took the key with her.
Before she slept that night Magdalen had cleaned the keys from all impurities, and had oiled the wards, to help them smoothly into the locks.
He stands the candle on the chimney-piece in the clerk's hall and taps his dry cheek with the key as he addresses these words of welcome to Mademoiselle Hortense.
Jasper weighs the three keys in his hand, lifts his head from his idly stooping attitude over the fire, and delivers the keys to Durdles with an ingenuous and friendly face.
After that answer, my lady rose to go up-stairs, and ask for Miss Rachel's keys. The Sergeant was before-hand with me in opening the door for her.
And putting the keys into his pocket, he walked into the library.
And I pressed the key, and pulled at the gate, and exerted myself.
He paused on the staircase, snatching the bunch of keys from Baisemeaux, who thought this new madman was going to dash out his brains with one of them.
There was no sign of any house in that part of the country, and she reasoned that every key must fit a lock and every lock must have a purpose.
I thought he might have the keys on him, but when I went to search I saw the dead eyes, and in them dead though they were, such a look of hate, though unconscious of me or my presence, that I fled from the place, and leaving the Count's room by the window, crawled again up the castle wall.
On the table before him they set food and water and upon the opposite end of the table they laid the key to the fetter.