KF3King's Field III (role-playing game)
KF3Kung Fu 3.0 (Max Payne game)
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Junior Rotax is very different to KF3," said Harvey.
Jackes remains focused in 2015 to compete locally in the MiniRok and KF3.
Arjun, Tarun and Jehan's 2012 KF3 Academy programme will be managed on behalf of Sahara Force India by Ricky Flynn with karts painted in the familiar colours of the Indian flag.
Tom Harvey, from Bonvilston, has stepped up to the KF3 class in motordriving
The new Colora press will consist of five four-high (eight-couple) color towers on a concrete substructure of KBA design, five KBA Pastostar reelstands with Patras M roll-handling (with integrated stripping, and roll-prep, 14 turntables and custom-designed track system), a double (2:3:3/2:3:3) KF3 folder.
Suba topped three of the four races in the KF2 division while Cudala, 13, debuted impressively in KF3 by similarly racking up three wins.
At the beginning of the winter series in 2010, the youngster moved up to KF3 class, racing at speeds of up to 70mph and securing fifth spot in the highlycompetitive British Championship.
Jordan's invitation to the Principality came off the back of his outstanding triumph in the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship in Macau, when he overcame a crumbling track surface, torrential downpour and waterlogged engine to quite literally rain on his rivals' parade and storm to glory, lifting one of the most coveted laurels in international karting.
The eight towers will contain 60 printing couples, feature variable- width technology, and include 10 Pastostar RC reelstands and two KF3 2:3:3 jaw folders, each with five formers.
IN HIS debut as the lone Filipino factory driver of top foreign team Kosmic Japan, Gabriel Tayao Cabrera survived the grueling five-race weekend by bagging a total of five podium finishes--the only karter to do so at the Sorteo Grand Prix 2013 Coca-Cola Karting kickoff where he competed in both Yamaha SL and KF3 classes.
Her dad Les used to be a rally driver, while younger brother Matthew, 15, is reigning world KF3 go-kart champion.
YOUNG Warwickshire karting star Jordan King did not so much win the 2009 Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship as thoroughly dominate it, as he overcame a crumbling track surface, torrential downpour and water-logged engine in Macau to quite literally rain on his rivals' parade.