KF3King's Field III (role-playing game)
KF3Kung Fu 3.0 (Max Payne game)
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A handful of toe-in-the-water European outings to date - finishing third in both finals at Zuera and going one better in the Silver Cup at Sarno in Italy the following month with CRG Holland - has demonstrated considerable promise, and confirmed that the Repton School pupil's KF3 graduation is progressing apace.
"Junior Rotax is very different to KF3," said Harvey.
"This is my first season in KF3 and I had only raced at Genk in Cadets before, but this is a lot faster and the cornering lines are totally different - everything is just another level compared to Cadets.
Having triumphed on his KF3 debut and achieved rostrum finishes in his first two European outings in the class, as he gains experience of the kind of circuits and opposition he will face next year, the signs are looking good.
Indeed, ninth place at the close, with Bowyer sixth, meant Jordan ultimately came up just 21 points shy in the final reckoning, but the runner-up honours out of some 37 drivers - given his relative lack of racing experience - was nevertheless a magnificent achievement, and as he now looks ahead to his maiden appearance in the Spanish Karting Championship at Zaragoza in the more powerful KF3 class this weekend, his enthusiasm is palpable.
Jordan is now focusing on his debut in the Spanish Karting Championship at Zaragoza in the KF3 class, and his Super 1 Series title showdown with Bowyer at Three Sisters near Wigan.
41.Rg1 Rg6 42.fxg3 Kg4 43.Kd2 f2 44.Rf1 Kf3 45.Be5 Rh6 Stronger is 45...C5!
Kd2 Rg2+ 86.Kd3 Kh4 87.Rh1+ Kg3 88.Rh6 Kxf3 89.Rxd6 Re2 90.Rh6 Re3+ 91.Kc2 Rxe4 92.Rh3+ Ke2 93.Rh2+ Ke3 94.Rd2 Rxc4+ 95.Kd1 Rxa4 96.Re2+ Kf3 97.Rc2 e4 98.d6 e3 99.Kc1 Rd4 100.d7 Rxd7 0-1
For the 14-year-old from Long Newton has reached the final of the European KF3 Championship, in Italy.
Rxe1+ 23 Bxe1 Rc8 24 Nxf5 gxf5 25 Nd4 Kf7 26 Nxf5 Rxc2 27 Bc3 Rc1+ 28 Kh2 Ke6 29 Nd4+ Kd7 30 Kg3 Rf1 31 h4 Rf7 32 Kh3 a6 33 g4 b5 34 h5 Ke8 35 Kh4 Kf8 36 h6 Kg8 37 g5 b4 38 Bd2 Rf2 39 Nb3 a5 40 Kg3 Re2 41 Kf3 Rh2 42 Ke3 a4 43 Nd4 Rh3+ 44 Nf3 d4+ 45 Ke4 d3 46 Bxb4 1-0
The glasses being discontinued include BK4, BALK1, SF01, KF2, and KF4 but not the types KF3 and FK01 used in Meade's line of ED apochromatic refractors.