KFASKuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science
KFASKorea Foundation for Advanced Studies
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Shihab-Eldin announced that the KFAS allocated $20 million to support Jordan's education sector in shouldering the burden of hosting Syrian refugees.
In its second year, ICS' Innovation Culture program for KFAS continues to be a great success and is gaining momentum within Kuwait businesses.
A major initiative that Equate took part in recently was the KFAS Innovation Challenge Program, the first of its kind in Kuwait and the region.
The accounting standards for derivatives in Korea are stated in KFAS Article 70, AS for banking industry, and AS for security industry KFAS are primary accounting standards that apply to all enterprises, while AS are supplementary standards for a specific industry or a special type transactions.
The main objective of KFAS is to stimulate creative initiatives and promote the construction of a solid scientific and technological base while at the same time creating an environment that encourages innovation.
KFAS prizes are designed to recognize intellectual achievements that serve the interest of scientific advancement and support efforts to raise the standard of culture in various fields.
KFAS does not function as a charity but has a wide expertise in the field of education and connections with relevant international organisations, explained Deputy Director General Amani Al-Bedah.
Adnan Shehab Eddin and winners of the 2017 KFAS Awards.
His Highness the Deputy Amir arrived for the ceremony at 10:30 am local time and was received by KFAS Director General Dr.
Mohammad Alaa-Eddin, Lebanon, and Shaker Mohammad (Egypt), said KFAS Director General Dr.
KFAS also aims to promote the importance and benefit of conducting scientific research for development in the country, he added.