KFGKatzen-Freunde Germania (German cat club)
KFGKentucky Fried Gamers (gaming community)
KFGKourou French Guiana
KFGDas Kuchbüch für Geeks (Germany)
KFGKeystone Financial Group (Kentucky)
KFGKiewit Federal Group, Inc. (Arlington, VA)
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The KFG has reportedly already opened up an office in Taipei that Kamimura, who is also head of Kagoshima Bank, hopes to use as a forward base for building a network into Southeast Asia.
Founded in 1993 by father and son Tom and Jason Kestler, KFG has established itself as one of the nation's leading distributors of annuities, life insurance, long term care insurance and disability insurance by identifying, recruiting, and training independent insurance agents, registered representatives and financial planners nationwide.
(8) Tanja Borzel and Didem Soyaltin, Europeanization in Turkey: Stretching a Concept to its Limits, KFG Working Paper Series, No.36, Freie Universitat Berlin, February 2012, p.8.
The polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-butylene)-block-polystyrene-grafted-maleic anhydride (SEBS-g-MAH) was purchased from Kraton[TM] and its commercial name is KFG 1901G.
Then our method builds Key Features Groups (KFG) from KF based on semantic similarities and relatedness.
The UKTI published a statement on its official website saying that the "Egyptian government has announced international economic exploitation for mineral separation, processing and industrial manufacturing of black sands in KFG [El Burullus] including [elminite, zircon, rutile, magnetite, garnet, and monazite]".
But the practical reality of the matter is that if the KFG Companies are confined to their remedies against the Appellants in Kyrgyzstan they will not in fact be able to pursue any of their claims there.
It will be run on behalf of the American fast-food giant by Kout Food Group (KFG), and is part of a UK-wide expansion, with Burger King looking to open 200 branches around the country in the coming months and to revamp other restaurants.
KFG was launched in 1982, and runs franchises like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Applebee's, and Burj Al-Hamam in the Middle East.
(44.) Sally Khalifa Isaac, "Europe and The Arab Revolutions: From a Weak to a Proactive Response to a Changing Neighborhood," KFG Working Paper Series, No.39, Freie Universitat (May, 2012), p.8-14.
The lawsuit was filed by MTS subsidiaries Kyrgyz Mobil Tel, Flaxendale and George Resources (KFG) to regain MTS's ownership of 51% of the Kyrgyz operator Bitel, which MTS bought for $150 million in 2005.